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Polepalle, who said the accepted way for Indian and Indian-American families to achieve this has been to have face-to-face meetings where they discuss the personal details of their children. There are a number of matrimonial sites that serve to streamline this information-gathering process and curtail the embarrassing and exhausting in-person questioning. Among them are BharatMatrimony. Polepalle, a nuclear scientist, turned to Telugumatrimony. Lavanya Polepalle and her father wrote her online profile together, but she left the scouting job entirely to him. He explained that many of the men reaching out were from India and looking for a one-way ticket to America. Polepalle, who rejected many of the suitors. In the end there was only one candidate that Mr.

Former Hare Krishna Sean Keen is convicted of raping multiple women

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However, our textbooks teach us otherwise. Saturday, Aug 29, , 0: History or Myth, uses four pillars — archaeology, linguistics, what he calls the living tradition of India, and astronomy — to arrive at the circumstantial verdict that Krishna was for real, because the Mahabharata and the battle of Kurukshetra did indeed happen. You are a specialist in nuclear medicine. You think there are too many who doubt?

Is this a politico-religious message or a purely religious one? We are always taught that Krishna is a part of Hindu myth and mythology. And this is exactly what I thought as well. He had done the dating of the Mahabharata war using astronomy.

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Share this article Share The jury also heard how he ripped off another victim’s underwear and raped her – despite claiming he was ‘a Hare Krishna devotee who was going to be celibate’. Christopher May, prosecuting, also said on one occasion Keen made a dog carry out a sex act. In another rape, the victim told police Keen grabbed her around the neck and pushed her against a toilet door.

She struggled with him and they ended up on the floor.

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I will find for YajurVeda and Atharva Veda if you want. Indian Astronomy is based on sidereal Zodiac. The Zodiac is divided into 27 roughly equal segments, all are measuring 20′ of arc. The seventh mandala of the Rigveda records the vernal equinox in Mrigashira Constellation pointing to a date around BCE – a fact noted by Jacobi and Tilak. Since a visible pole star occurs only at certain epochs, such a citation gives a normal range of dates for that event.

The astronomical dates put the dates before BC. What is the source for this information? How good can be his opinion? That depends on how convincingly he defends his dates.

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But it is not sufficient to cast his horoscope, which needs the year of the birth. Therefore it was essential to find out the year of his birth. It is told in the Mahabharata, Vana Parva 22 that while departing, Krishna bowed humbly before Bheemasen and Yudhishthira for salutation,embraced Arjuna and blessed Nakula-Sahadeva.

Bhaktivedanta Manor is the largest UK centre of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Bhaktivedanta Manor propagates the teachings of the authentic Vedic scriptures. These were finally brought to the West by Srila Prabhupada, Bhaktivedanta Manor´s founder.

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Written, Produced and Directed by Virginia Williams. The ancient city of Dwaraka, situated on the extreme West Coast of Indian territory, occupies an important place in the cultural and religious history of India. The fabulous architectural planning of the Dwaraka temple has attracted tourists from all over the world. The town has association with Lord Krishna, who founded this town by reclaiming 12 yojanas of land from the sea.

How Prabhupada inspired George Harrison to join the Hare Krishna Cult. The later composed few songs and was a follower till his death.

But it is always nice when scholars, other researchers and science can add support to what we already propose. One aspect that can show us the early nature of Vedic society, and with a little more reliability, is highlighting the time when Lord Krishna was present. This is another point that has generated many opinions, and it is almost impossible to get an agreed concensus on this matter, but is now much clearer than ever with more recent research and findings.

So let us take a look at a few ideas from at least one angle of research on this topic. Narahari Achar, a physicist from the University of Memphis, clearly showed with astronomical analysis that the Mahabharata war took place in BCE. Examining the Mahabharata, books 3, 5, and 18, his sky map software showed that all these descriptions converge in the year

Mahabharata Date based on Archaeology

Blair Naso was destined to be a god of the Manosphere, but instead he gave up his swan song and died. However, you can still read his blog’s archives and buy his poetry books. Here at Return of Kings we realize that we have a lot of female readers.

Further, Euan Mackie, an eminent archaeologist, had found a clay tablet of Krishna’s Yamalaarjuna episode at Mohenjedaro, a site of the Indus Valley civilisation proving that even in BC, there was a culture of worshipping Krishna.

First of all, third-class. Not cattle raising, cow protection. Farming and cow protection and trade, this is meant for the third-class division. These divisions must be there. Then the society will go on very nicely. Exactly the same example, that if the different parts of the body—the brain, the arms, the belly and the legs—all are in order, the bodily function will go on very nicely.

Existence of Lord Krishna – When the facts overshadowed the Myth

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