SBA, CIAPR hosting federal contracting networking event

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Small Business Administration will expand the American Supplier Initiative with matchmaking events that will be held throughout The matchmaking events will help provide small businesses with the tools and resources needed to become effective suppliers and connect with federal and commercial supply chain opportunities. The American Supplier Initiative is a call-to-action to the private sector to invest in their supply chains through small businesses.

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Tiny Montana Firm Gets $300 Million Contract To Help Restore Power In Puerto Rico

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The small business event takes place June 4 from 1 to 5 p. Sign-in and networking begins at noon. Following the training, small business representatives will have a matchmaking opportunity to meet individually with contracting officers and members of the MICC Office of Small Business Programs to discuss contracting opportunities in more detail. An industry outreach event takes place June 5 from 8 a.

Sign-in and networking begin at 7: The event will present forecasted contracting opportunities from the U. The forecasts are intended for informational and marketing purposes and not a specific offer or commitment by the Army to fund opportunities. Both events are open to all industry representatives whose companies can provide products and services to the Mission and Installation Contracting Command. Industry representatives interested in attending the small business or industry outreach events should register by May 26 at www.

Those planning to attend both days should register for each event. Identification will be required during sign-in. Blesse Auditorium is located in Bldg. The Mission and Installation Contracting Command is responsible for providing contracting support for the warfighter across Army commands, installations and activities located throughout the continental United States, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

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Tiny Montana Firm Gets $300 Million Contract To Help Restore Power In Puerto Rico

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In my opinion there are two things that can kill enjoyment of a game faster than anything else I know. The second dramatically truncates the life cycle of the game. You can quickly get many many sessions played and the focus switches much more to “winning” rather than socializing and discovering what the game has to offer at the slower pace of face to face. While there are some who can play hundreds of sessions of a game I think most of us tire of any game after a certain number of plays and online gaming gets us to that point at a much more rapid pace.

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