15 Most Controversial Things The Bachelor Franchise Has Done

Bachelor Pad , bachelor pad recap , bachelor pad season 3 , bachelor pad season finale , season 3 Bachelor Pad 3: A Recap I vowed to myself that I would never dedicate time and space on this blog for The Bachelor Pad because it was just too trashy even for me. But who am I kidding? I was watching every week. Fans vs Favorites was the theme of this season. Bachelor Fans competed against and with Bachelor contestants of seasons past. Believe it or not there are some crazier fans than me out there. I kid you not. One of them was so amazed by the show he cried in the limo on the way out, thankful for his experience and in awe that he was riding in the limo he sees every Monday night like the dedicated fan he is.

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Supervising producer —14 is Elan Gale. During the course of the season, the bachelor eliminates candidates see The elimination process , with the bachelor proposing marriage to his final selection. The participants travel to romantic and exotic locations for their adventures, and the conflicts in the series, both internal and external, stem from the elimination-style format of the show. The above description is a general guideline.

The Bachelorette 8 is the eighth season of ABC reality television series The show premiered on May 14, , featuring Emily Maynard dating 25 men. Maynard was chosen by Brad Womack in the fifteenth season of The Bachelor, but they split after the show.. Maynard is the second former Bachelor winner to star in The Bachelorette and she is one of the three Bachelor winners .

But whether you love trashy romance reality television or not, you have to admit that the franchise has had some controversial, shocking, and pretty hilarious moments. Even if you just viewed the show in passing or to bash it, it is really easy to get sucked into the drama from even casually viewing the show, in which a bachelor or bachelorette selects a life partner from a selection of candidates over the course of several weeks.

Ultimately, the goal even season is a happy marriage— but when cameras, sex, jealousy, and potential reality television fame or infamy get into the mix, things get complicated. These famous controversial moments from The Bachelor franchise include scandals, jaw-dropping revelations, twists, turns, and even legal controversies that have made it onto the show for our petty, juicy, gossip-loving pleasure.

The scene was so painful, yet so hilarious to watch. While DeMario was on a basketball date with Rachel, a young woman named Lexi suddenly crashes the date. She rips him a new one, claiming that they were dating while DeMario was on the show. DeMario initially pretended to have no idea who the girl was, then changed his story to say they were kind of dating, then said that he broke things off with Lexi before the show began filming.

Ben tells two different contestants he loves them Bachelor season 20 Shocking? Kind of hilarious in the most awkward way? The bachelor with the perfect smile, Ben Higgins was clearly genuinely looking for love, but he seemed to think he could get it from more than one girl.

Jef, Kalon, Ryan, and More — Where Are the Men From Emily Maynard’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Now?

What are you possibly thinking? But then you suffered some sort of hideous head injury and decided that what you needed to do was find Ricky Bobby, Jr. However, after giving it some thought, you realized that you might not actually want to spend the rest of your life with a set of talking abs, and the engagement was called off.

Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox, respective rejects of Emily Maynard and Ben Flajnik ABC announces the former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants that will be filling the Bachelor Pad 3 mansion ABC’s Bachelor Pad, the Big Brother -like game featuring past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, has announced its Season 3 cast and premiere date.

I can already predict what’s going to go down The Bachelor Pad 3. Michael is going to fall madly in love with Lindzi Cox, but she is going to have a wondering eye with all the other eye candy there. Ed is going to be a “walking hard on” and will probably try to get with every girl in the house. I predict he has a drunken hook up with the twins, Brittany and Erica Taltos and then get the boot by his Bachelor mates, because they will be annoyed with him for “sleeping with the enemy.

That kid is one character, let me tell ya! He is recently single, but still wants to be with his ex-girlfriend so his plans going on the show were to be a good boy. I do NOT see him being a good boy throughout filming! Jamie Otis will originally like Ed, but then be more into Reid. The mystery man hasn’t been revealed, but I have a feeling it’s going to be Doug Clerget. Tony surprised me after his sobbing episode with Emily Maynard where he left a hot mess due to missing his son. Here’s an idea, Tony — go on another show that causes you to be far away from your son?

‘The Bachelorette:’ The martyrdom of St. Emily

Last night was “The Men Tell All” and there were some revealing and funny moments. We begin with Harrison leading Emily on a walk down memory lane where she reflects on the men and the times they shared – good and bad. She talks about Ryan’s arrogance, Kalon’s rudeness, Doug’s social awkwardness, Chris’ horrible dance moves, Arie’s sneaky little brothers and Travis’ obsession with the ostrich egg.

Bachelor Pad is back tonight on ABC with a whole new episode. On tonight’s show the relationships get hot BUT the betrayals get hotter! If you missed last week’s episode, you can read our full and detailed recap here.. On last week’s show there were six roses to hand out and they went to: Kalon, Reid, Nick, Tony, David and Ed.

Yep, Bachelor Pad is back for the third go ’round. Collaborating with me this week is my very witty sister, Staci, a fellow Bachelor and Bachelorette fan. Here’s what happened this week on BP3: We’re back at the old Bachelor mansion, greeted by Chris Harrison, who says this season’s cast includes the lovers, the villains, the fighters, the good guys, the crazy girls, and the ones you love to hate from seasons past.

Chris, from Emily’s season, is still nursing a broken heart but thinks BP3 will fix that right up. Lindzi, the equestrian runner-up in Ben’s season, is ready to get back in the saddle. Reid, who proposed to Jillian Harris after being sent home, and Ed, who Jillian Harris did pick, are both ready to mingle in the mansion.

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The poor girl walked away without the guy she fell for and without the money. What was the status of the couples in the house? I believe her, but you know Erica was just dying to get on screen as much as possible. We recapped how last time on Bachelor Pad, Michael won the money but lost the girl.

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March 5, by oldauthors Leave a Comment Tonight is the bachelor reunion where The Bachelor season 16 women tell all and several are not holding back. Tonight, they atone for the rudeness. Courtney Robertson is scheduled to make an appearance as well to defend herself against the onslaught by the women she wronged the entire season…what will her excuse be? Will Ali and Frank be a returning couple who will see sparks fly? At this point, it is clear to see why the Bachelor , Ben Flajnik, did not select any of these women this season…they are so immature and juvenile!

The things they say remind us all of how petty the show really is and how shallow the women are. They have been as rude to one another during the filming as they are on stage at this moment. Of all the women this season, she is by far the most mature, level-headed, and intelligent of them all and it is amazing Ben could not see this or take her word at face value!

She would probably have made him a very loving, stable wife but she was heartbroken in Switzerland after being sent home. She still has questions as to why.

Jef, Kalon, Ryan, and More — Where Are the Men From Emily Maynard’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Now?

Well, maybe that and a few other things. From the moment the cast mates were introduced, I knew we were in for a good time. Why would you want to wear something that basically creates a shelf for your back rolls and muffin top to sit on?

Lindzi and Kalon are still dating, yet Erica tells Lindzi she should be careful since she’s seen Kalon around town with different women and knows he was in Houston with his ex-girlfriend.

The people have spoken and what they are saying is they like boobs. Donna’s boobs, in particular. I was fully prepared to never watch another episode of “Bachelor Pad” again — and feeling really good about it! And what my stats told me was that I’ve gotten several hundred hits off searches like “donna bachelor pad” and “bachelor pad donna. Donna has done nothing of note other than be extraordinarily tan and buxom.

Anyway, the narcissist in me can’t ignore these hits.

Lindzi Cox on Her Breakup With Kalon McMahon: There Was a Lack of Trust — Exclusive

We don’t send regular emails, we send cool emails We’ll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put out. Chris couldn’t have picked the wrong week to fuck with Blakeley because now all he has is Stoopid Sarah as his partner in china-carrying. Speaking of the Blakester, who’s the moron who told her that wearing a lot of neon green will make everyone overlook the fact that she’s pushing 40? So glad I worked at hooters for 13 years!

Erica Rose wishes there was a challenge more suited to her strengths. Sorry Erica, I don’t think a BJ contest is on the agenda.

Nick Peterson came on Bachelor Pad for the money, and he’s leaving with the money. I just don’t understand how you can be mad at that.

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Jef, Kalon, Ryan, and More — Where Are the Men From Emily Maynard’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Now?

I just write what the voices in my head tell me to. I hope the holidays treated you all well, and that each and every one of you started off on the right foot. Or at the very least on a better foot than Jenna did…yikes. He really is a cool, down-to-earth guy; and he deserves every bit of happiness that he finds through this experience.

Home / Life / Couchtime With Jill / Bachelor Pad – Money is Dirty. Bachelor Pad – Money is Dirty. Jill Mader I was surprised to hear that Lindzi and Kalon were still together, despite the long distance. They weren’t dating, or even really friends. She spent their entire partnership sobbing over another guy and contemplating.

She wanted him to open up about how he felt about her, but he didn’t really know how. Emily described their relationship as a slow-and-steady process that grows better with time. They go snorkeling and have dinner that night on a beach. Sean read her a letter that he wrote for Ricki and he also told her that he was falling in love with her. Emily offered him the overnight date card to spend more time with him, but he did not stay the night as it didn’t line up with Emily’s beliefs and the example that she wanted to set for her daughter.

They also went paddle-surfing and cliff-jumping. Emily felt like they balanced each other well and Jef was comfortable with how their relationship was progressing. Emily also asks him to stay on their date for a bit longer, although they don’t spend the night together, with both of them knowing that the fantasy suite wouldn’t change a thing about their relationship.

They commented on the obvious physical attraction that they have towards one another. They also have dinner that night at Emily’s place. They attempt to learn more about one another and about each other’s daily lives.

Deleted Scene: Flirting Under Covers! – Bachelor Pad